If your little buckaroo is needin' a trusty steed - this here Horse Corral is the place to be. We've got horses. We've got ponies. We've got palominos, paints and pintos, too.

We've got ROCKING HORSES, HOBBY HORSES & STICK HORSES. We've got horses that sing and horses that swing. We've got red ones, black ones, blue ones, and every color in between. Why heck there might even be a zebra or two mixed in the herd.

Maybe, yur cowhand doesn't need a horse to ride; jest one to love on and snuggle to when the barn lights go out at night. Well we got TOY HORSES, PLUSH HORSES, PUPPET HORSES, and horses that yur little whippersnapper can cuddle up to.

These here horses are all nice and gentle. None of them buck or bite, and they're all house broken too. So come on in and lasso one or two for that cowboy or cowgirl of yours. Don't fergit to close the gate behind you!

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