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the Internet

The internet represents the greatest and most complete assemblages of knowledge in the history of mankind. Never, since the dawn of civilization has any one individual been able to instantly access such an inexhaustible wealth of information.

If you’re not tapping into this amazing tool’s ability to garner income, you’re missing the boat!

Before you get to enthused about building a web business you need to know this:

98% of all new web sites FAIL!

Many people spend thousands of dollars and untold man hours on web sites that are doomed to failure.

But if you would like to know how to build a “successful website” this could be the most important page you will ever read on the internet.

Financially it could change your life.
It’s that important.

“Wait a minute…,” I hear you say. “I’ve heard that one before.

You know the “How I made $350,000 my first week on the internet” stories. Those "pie-in-the-sky" get rich quick schemes that abound throughout the internet. DON’T BELIEVE THEM. There may be some true stories out there, but if everyone could do it, everyone would be doing it.

It takes time and determination to build a comfortable income on the world wide web. Ignore any claim, even by some of the reputed “internet gurus”, that say all you have to do is to download some code and start earning in minutes.

Snake oil, and those that sell it never leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

People, all over the world, use the internet as a global mass marketplace, (a vast bazaar with over 56.1 million shops ) to exchange goods and currency. Never has the possibility existed for an individual shop owner (you?) to hawk his wares to millions and millions of prospective customers on a daily basis.

“But wait a minute…,” you say again!

“If there is 56.1 million internet sites already and I put up one, how are all those people -(prospective customers)- going to find ME vs. the other 56,100,000?”

(Here it comes folks! Bells and whistles, please.)


The first secret to making money on the net, is not just having a site;


but not just any traffic, it’s;


Because this is the only type of traffic that can make you real money!

People use the internet for two prime reasons:

- to locate products

- or information.

If you’re selling widgets, you want everyone who needs a widget, or is thinking about getting a widget, or knows somebody who might want a widget, to find you. Those are your customers; your TARGETED TRAFFIC. People searching for “what's-its” could care less about your site even if they accidentally find you.

“But, how do I get all those people looking for widgets to find my site?” you ask.

Think about the last time you needed something on the web. You went to 'Google', or 'Yahoo', or 'Ask Jeeves', or whatever other search engine that you’re using, and typed in the keyword(s) or phase that described what you were looking for.

Google then goes through it’s database of millions and millions of web sites searching for and categorizing every site that in any way has or mentions your search term.

Within seconds it comes back with: page 1 of 2,714 pages (or some other number) that Google deems pertinent to your search.

Then what do you do? You start with the first site on page one.

If you don’t find what you want you go to the second site.

And so on until you find what you’re after.

Occasionally you might drill down to sites numbers 8, 9 or 10.

Rarely you might even go to page number two, and even rarer yet to page number 3, 4 or 5.


If your site is listed on page number 834, how many people are going to find you?


To get any traffic at all you have to be on the first two pages.

To gets lots of targeted traffic you have to be in the top 5 on page one.

So now we come to the second big secret of making money on the internet

(more bells and whistles, please!)


You must get your site


because to get targeted traffic your site must be easily found.

If you can do this, you can sell iceboxes in Siberia!

“Okay,” you say “you’re giving away secrets.

So what’s the secret to getting to the top of the search engines?”

You do this through what is known as “search engine optimization”.

Simply put, it is a process by which you set up your site in such a manner as to focus on keywords and phrases that the search engines love and deem relevant to that particular search term.

Getting to the top of search listings can sometimes be problematical, daunting, and frustrating, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Anyone can do it. I did! That's how you found me!

YOU can compete with the big boys, and here’s how.

(Bells and Whistles again please, and this time lets add a drum roll, too!)


In a word

Solo Build It!

because it's the answer to how YOU can cash in on the promise of the internet.

Solo Build It (SBI) is the only self contained, all-in-one, site concept development, site building, site hosting, site tracking and site marketing product that makes it possible for anyone (even a non-techie like me) to build a professional website that is both highly popular with the search engines and profitable.

A recent study by Alexa revealed that 62% of SBI’s web sites rank in the top 3% of all the 56.1 million web sites currently on the net. Furthermore 53% rank in the top 2%. and 35% rank in the top 1%

Hey! They must be doing something right!

The word is spreading about Solo Build It. It is "THE" SECRET

It’s the way that a determined individual can compete successfully on the world wide web.

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