Lil' Red Schoolhouse

Old West History

Where better to learn 'bout the old west history of our fore fathers than the one room western schoolhouse ? Back in the really old west days when I was still a young whipersnapper we usted to learn about the three R's; Ridin, Ropin, and Ranglin. Jist joshin.

We all know that learnin is very important, so the schoolmarm, Miss Peabody, has put togather some lessons for us. Our first class will be on 'OLD WEST HISTORY', then for social studies we'll be a learnin' about the 'GREAT INDIAN TRIBES AND CHIEFS'. Then after lunch we can begin our second history lesson with 'THE WAGONS WEST' . Of course no school day would be complete without math. Today's lesson will be 'STATISTICS OF THE AMERICAN WESTWARD MOVEMENT'. Maybe after school you'll be wantin yur cowboy kid to do some home study 'bout old west history of their own. If so, we've put togather a selection of kid's western books, wild west music, western poetry and frontier history for your cowboy kids.

Knowin how hard it is at times to git a young cowboy or cowgirl to sit down and read, maybe a wild west adventure book will help. You'll find stories about Kit Carson or the Pony Express. Tales about Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok , Annie Oakley ,Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill can be found here too.

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